Disney Infinity


Today was the second day of the cars masters at downtown Disney, apparently a big car show with several venders. Food trucks, gift trucks, monster trucks, and the reason I went Disney Infinity preview.
So got home from work, hopped online and did the Facebook stalk, and I saw that Amy from the relocated tourist had just been over to Downtown Disney and they were giving away a figure from the game after you got a chance to play it! What the?! Preview a new game that I have been following for a bit online and a free anything from Disney? I was out the door. I texted her and got the Specifics, they are open till 6 and on the “west side”. In my car I was and 20 minutes later I was running, literally, over to the area behind Bongos. I passed several wet people as ….you guessed it…it was raining. Booths were already closing shop! However they were still having some kinda plinko game at the Planes booth. On the right up ahead was the Infinity tent. Only about 8 people were inside with no line. Whew! Made it. I was able to play about 5 to 10 minutes as no one was behind me. I asked the dude who was hosting some things about the game such as what comes with it, how the figures worked with the consoles and theme park properties. He had me press the select button. I scrolled through the available tools and there they were, Spaceship Earth and Cinderella Castle! Very cool. I played as Mike From monsters inc. Pretty exciting! Thunder rolled and they started shutting down shop. But not before I had a chance to get my free figure! Dash from The Incredibles! Worth the trip! Thanks again Amy!




This was over by the Amc theater


On the way home I saw this! Crazy!



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